Nette Building

Am Wohnpark Nette 6

Creating Sustainable
Living for Everyone

The building at "Am Wohnpark Nette 6" is the first finalized project of GROPYUS. Our buildings are rooted in timber from sustainable forestry. With every building, we create the most exciting living experience.
We design sustainable buildings as holistic and continuously evolving products that are focused on the needs of our tenants - building for people and conserving our planet's resources.

buildings stand out?

Industrialized production

We make use of industrial production technology to greatly reduce the costs of residential buildings in timber-hybrid construction. We cover the entire value chain of the real estate industry: from development, planning, component production and construction through to letting and operating buildings.

Digital and standardized

The high level of digitization and standardization make our products scalable and enable us to realize construction projects quickly. The elements are manufactured in our factories and assembled on-site. They are prefabricated, replicable, combinable, interchangeable, constantly optimized and can be separated and recycled at the end of their life cycle.


Our sustainable buildings are standard-compliant (ESG a. 8 & 9/KFW/BEG 40 funding eligible). They are sourced with PEFC- and/or FSC-certified materials. The use of renewable energies and intelligent energy management make "Am Wohnpark Nette 6" energy positive in operation, thus generating more energy than needed in its life cycle.


The location

Weissenthurm is a historic town near Koblenz in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate and is located directly on the Rhine River. Its proximity to Neuwied, Andernach and Koblenz makes the town a popular place to live for young families.


Direct neighbourhood

The building

The building is in the immediate vicinity of the river Nette. An elementary school, a daycare center, a bakery and various shopping facilities for daily needs are close by.The nearby Nette Nature Trail offers walks along the Nette estuary and the banks of the Rhine and space for recreation. The children's playground is located directly in front of the house.

Mehr Lebensqualität für alle - Interior

Facts about the building at "Am Wohnpark Nette 6"

The building at "Am Wohnpark Nette 6" has 54 units. It offers one to three-room apartments from 28 to 74 m² living space, terrace or balcony is optional.

4.193 m²

Gross floor area




Cellar compartments



assembling all floors

3.174 m²

Net internal area

320 m²





Stroller room


Parking spaces




The sustainability of the building at "Am Wohnpark Nette 6"

Sustainability is in our DNA. It informs every step of our process, innovation, research, development, our proprietary technologies and construction. The energy-positive operation guarantees a small carbon footprint.


less embodied carbon

in manufacturing, transportation, construction, and end-of-life phases of the building

1t CO₂-e


per person per year *



can be reduced on average by residents **

* based on a 72m² two-person GROPYUS apartment; carbon reduction of 28 kg CO₂-e per m² per year
** 11 t CO₂-e per person in Germany in 2021


Focus on sustainability

GROPYUS buildings and processes aim to create more resources than they consume during their life cycle. Circular economy principles, resource-efficient product design and automated production reduce our ecological footprint and will regenerate the resources over their life cycle. Our buildings are rooted in timber from sustainable forestry. Responsible sourcing serves as a prerequisite for implementation.

Resources - Focus on sustainability


Focus on sustainability

"Am Wohnpark Nette 6" has only 5% of the Global Warming Potential of a reference building. It also stands out in Life Cycle Carbon with 22% less embodied carbon compared to DGNB reference buildings. One ton of CO₂ is sequestered per 1 m³ timber. The photovoltaic system integrated into the facade ensures that the building is energy positive over its life cycle.

Climate - Focus on sustainability


Focus on sustainability

We create buildings for people of different ages, ethnicities, gender, income or lifestyle. We meet those requirements with our comprehensive living space concept. We develop our buildings according to the principles of "universal design". This includes accessibility and adaptability to different preferences and life stages.

Accessibility - Focus on sustainability


Focus on sustainability

We focus on 360° user health and comfort. To promote well-being and achieve a pleasant living climate and ambiance we use natural and high-quality materials. Visible wood in the interior design, optimal daylight and high acoustic and thermal comfort contribute to a cozy home. All apartments in the building at "Am Wohnpark Nette 6" are equipped with a bathroom and a fitted kitchen.

Health - Focus on sustainability

Did you know that 99% of all buildings cannot be assessed for life cycle carbon due to a lack of data?

We are part of creating the 1% of homes that can provide sufficient data for an accurate whole life cycle assessment. Our buildings are created as holistic products and are fully end-to-end digitally integrated. This enables us to assess the emissions over the complete life cycle of a building, from production until its end-of-life stage, with a strong focus on global warming potential.

The environmental impact of each material used is calculated to get a reliable picture of the whole life cycle. The building components are combinable, interchangeable and can be separated and recycled at the end of their life cycle. Increasing material efficiency is key to reaching the 1.5° C goal set by the Paris agreement.

Why build with GROPYUS?

GROPYUS creates sustainable, affordable and high-quality buildings. Our digital integrated end-to-end process starts with the initial building design and leads all the way to building operation. This enables full trackability and traceability of our product. Our complete digital integration gives asset holders a better overview over the timeline of the project, less disruption, faster delivery, more efficiency and most importantly cost certainty.

Our automated factories give us the ability to deliver a level of precision unavailable in traditional construction. The on-site assembly requires less skilled labor which reduces the risk of errors to a minimum. Bad weather won’t hold up our production or add unforeseen costs, further minimizing the risks associated with traditional sites.

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